5 Steps to Take into Account with Investment Abroad


The purchase of property as an investment is an asset and can provide income in the future or can be sold at a higher price for a profit. Regardless of your interest of acquirement of ownership of a property in a foreign country, please do bear in mind the following important recommendations:


1. Legal Residence

Depending on the country it is important to find out what are their residence regulations with regards to the investment in a property.

Particular conditions on residency need to be investigated beforehand and what essential requirements are needed to comply.


2. Trustworthy Brokers, Agents, Salespeople, and Lawyers

To start off, make sure you get an established lawyer who is connected with the developers or real estate who sold the property so they can represent both parties.

It is advisable to choose an agent who speaks your language such as ELEGANT HOMES MARBELLA.

They are very helpful with assisting in finding the qualified professionals like lawyers, translators, etc.


3. Charges levied by the government on property and income

Every country has its own taxation system and you are best advised to research this matter beforehand. Very important as well is to ensure if the double taxation agreement is assessable to refrain from paying taxes in both countries.

Personal income tax may need to be paid in the chosen country if you choose to rent out your property. Taxation of Capital Gains will be involved in the case of a possible sale of your property.


4. Locality

When you decide to buy a property in whatever place in the world, it is most important to make sure that the location suits your needs of everyday life. You do want to make sure that the place you choose is near services such as airports, taxis, bus stations, hospitals, shopping areas, schools, etc.


5. Receipts for all documents

For all transaction be sure to have a confirmation. Make sure that you have a paper receipt instead of email confirmations and keep copies of all because if something goes wrong, you have to have the proof. Ensure that all the information about the property and valuation are always at hand.


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