Renovation becomes a good option to get that extra value
and increase the investment potential.



If your property has an ideal location, such as sea views, proximity to the beach and facilities, you have a golden asset in your hands. Renovation becomes a good option to add that extra value to the property and increase the investment potential.


In terms of location, you may like the place where you live. We don't want to change the surroundings, the nearby facilities or the safety in the neighbourhood. There is only one thing missing to make our house perfect: upgrading the finish, changing the style or redistributing the spaces.



Sometimes renovation just becomes a necessity when your home has structural problems, such as humidity, poor materials or installation problems that can have terrible consequences in the short or medium term.



Our experts will personally examine the property, analyse its condition and come back with the best possible solution. The studies include: reinforcement of the structure, height increase, report with quality specifications, air installations and solar panels to create a more sustainable project.


Designing your new enhanced home is a nice challenge for us. Based on your taste and needs, we bring a personalized unique design to life through 3D images that take the feel of our proposal to a real level. Our plans not only take aesthetics into account, but also offer a practical and environmentally friendly solution.


The best thing about choosing ELEGANT HOMES MARBELLA is that we take over the responsibility for you, so that it becomes a stress-free process by carrying out all the renovation steps in-house. We take care of the entire process, from initial design to final delivery, with the highest level of communication in all phases. We guarantee fixed prices and agreed deadlines per contract.



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