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How we help you buy property in Spain

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One step ahead when buying a property in Spain

The mission of Elegant Homes Marbella is to help you buy a property in Spain through a real estate search service. We work for clients who are looking for a property for sale or rent along the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. Along the Costa del Sol our focus is from Benalamadena to Estepona. 


We offer a professional search service of houses. This includes finding the desired property for our clients and then assisting with all aspects related to buying and owning a property in Spain. Instead of selling a property to you, we are focused to help you. 


By finding the best homes for our customers, we can save you on two precious aspects: time and money. Whether you have €250,000 or €2,500,000 to spend on buying property in Spain, finding the right home is not an easy, quick task. 


To begin with, it can be difficult to find the time to view homes, let alone the time to examine the market thoroughly. This is where we offer a helping hand: Elegant Homes Marbella will find you the right house in the right area at the best possible price. This helps you to get what you want while avoiding the stress and wasted energy associated with buying a home. 


In order to find the right property, we first determine your specific needs and we use our extensive network of contacts, databases and experience of the local Spanish market. 


Insight and Experience

The more than 25 years of experience of the Costa del Sol has given us an exceptional insight into the area. It has allowed us to build relationships with the best local real estate agents, who see us as a stable, reliable source to get in touch with serious buyers. As a result, anyone who sells properties (real estate agents, developers and individuals) knows that only serious buyers use our services.

In the busy real estate market of the Costa del Sol, the best houses are often sold before the details can be found in brochures or on websites. Our stable reputation ensures that we are often the first to know when a property comes on the market. This pre-market information allows us to inspect and assess properties before they are advertised on the open market.

As we are the first to know about an available property, this gives us and our customers a big advantage. With the help of the Elegant Homes Marbella search service you can also make use of this exclusive pre-market knowledge. 

We help with Search, Negotiate, Buy

Through our professional service that provides assistance in buying property in Spain, you will have a privileged position in which you are one step ahead of other buyers. This advantage will continue to hold you during the entire search, the negotiation phase and during the transfer. So you can benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience at every step of the way. We supervise the entire process up to and including the collection and transfer of the keys. 


More and more buyers are recognising the benefits of working with an agent (such as Elegant Homes Marbella) to represent them at all stages of the buying process. This ensures, among other things, that negotiations run more smoothly because we know the representatives on the other side of the table.

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